Opera Incognita

Since 2005 the opera-company Opera Incognita has been staging numerous demanding opera-projects. Long forgotten operas get a revival in unusual places and talented young singers surprise the audience. Andreas Wiedermann is responsible for productions and together with Ernst Bartmann’s musical arrangement and leadership both offer singular opera-experiences at Opera Incognita. From its beginning the opera-company has been reinforced by the unsalaried engagement of the choir-singers and the productionassistants. Each production is developed after the special necessities of the play area. The performance of Wagner’s "Rienzi" in the big lecture hall of the university caused particular interest as did two operas in the "Müllersche Volksbad" (a big Art Deco indoor swimming pool). Be it "Tosca", "Stiffelio", "Turn of the Screw", or "Aida", the audience always applauded the projects of Opera Incognita enthusiastically.